Smart city platform
for sustainable urban development.


The EdevaLive software is a modern platform that visualizes data, monitors and controls technical solutions for the smart city. Other systems, applications and services can easily be integrated into the EdevaLive software platform.

Traffic safety system

Speed is the number one factor to impact the outcome of a traffic accident. In order to prevent accidents and minimise the result of those that do happen there are plenty of static solutions to decrease the speed of motor vehicles. However, these solutions also come with a set of problems where they impede the accessibility, especially for buses and other heavy vehicles. Using the Actibump, an active speed bump, you solve the compromise between traffic safety and accessibility. The Actibump is monitored through EdevaLive and statistics from each Actibump is presented in the web platform.

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Environmental Sensing

Whether in a city or another built-up area, environmental factors such as air quality and noise are important factors to monitor.  Using the EdevaLive software platform and the Actinode enviro sensor kit you can find out in real-time and over time what changes, how it changes and when. Continuous measurements with cost effective sensors and a smart platform can show the long term effects of environmental efforts.

Traffic counting and vehicle classification

The types of vehicles and the amount of traffic that passes on a road determines not only the ware and tare of the road but also how much noise there is, the radius required in a new intersection and the air quality. Information regarding the number of vehicles and their classification can be collected using the Actinode multisensor kit and is displayed continuously and in real-time in the software platform EdevaLive.

Weigh in Motion (WIM)

Weighing vehicles in motion can be tricky. Using the Actibump technology it is made easy and cost effective. Results are relayed in real-time using the EdevaLive software platform and can be used for statistics as well as screening by law enforcement.

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Twice a month we host half-hour webinars, in English, that you are welcome to attend.

The first Tuesday of every month at 13.00, Stockholm time, we talk about the Actibump and EdevaLive systems. Click this LINK and your browser will attempt to download a calendar file. Open the file and save it in your calendar.

The third Thursday of every month at 13.00, Stockholm time, we talk about planning and placement of the Actibump. Click this LINK and your browser will attempt to download a calendar file. Open the file and save it in your calendar.

If you’d like a separate meeting for you and your colleagues you just CONTACT US and we’ll set something up!

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